Midlife Crisis/ or Early-life Recovery Time for a change!

          One man’s journey to self-discovery, and re-invention along with healthier living.  Hi all, and thank you for stopping by.  Please travel with me as I continue a journey to re-discovering myself, or join me and share your own.  Thanks, V


As many of you know I am a fan and beginner coach in personal training.  I’ve worked briefly with a few of you to assist your beginnings.  This is one of the things I enjoy most in life, and am in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.  As time goes on, if this interests you, and we end up working together on your goals I invite you to give us some testimonials of ur experience and progress.  Also, many of you Now know I Love Music!  And while I always let society and others dictate in the past, NO MORE!  So, our journey will begin with posts about my progress working with music, doing a few more of those vids in acapello first that I know u all love…lol as well as my daily personal training and health improvements.  Thank you for following, supporting, and coming along for the ride!


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CHANGE your MIND, CHANGE your LIFE! One Year Anniversary

Good morning, afternoon, or evening all!  Where ever you are across the globe I hope you are well, and getting better every minute.  It’s a blustery 27 degrees here today and my thoughts n prayers go out to all those in Puerto Rico, California, and all the other locations that have experienced real traumatic weather … Continue reading CHANGE your MIND, CHANGE your LIFE! One Year Anniversary

New Year

          Well Happy New Year Everyone!!  Sorry I’ve been gone so long!  It is currently 2 degrees here in Michigan with windchill advisories up to 26!  And yet bundled up right it’s still possible to go for a short walk.  I am re-committing myself to My Exercise program, not as a Resolution mind you rather … Continue reading New Year


Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Everyone!   All that is on my mind today is thoughts, and prayers for all those dealing with, and suffering through wildfires: in Montana, & California, (& surrounding areas), Hurricane victims: in Texas, and those who are already or will be affected by Irma in the coming days!  I personally … Continue reading Prayers

Change is good!!

Good morning, good afternoon, and/or good evening everyone! Well it’s been a lil while since I’ve been here.  I will be hopefully be correcting that issue!      Having said that, I hear “Change Is Good”!!  And boy have there been some changes!  I won’t call them all good yet, but they probably will be! … Continue reading Change is good!!

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